Guys of Wrestling

A New Subdivision of Guys of Hockey

Welcome to Guys of Wrestling. I have watched wrestling off and on all my life. My brother and uncle watch every week and my brother tried to get me to stay up and watch too but I never did, at least not on Mondays. Now Sunday was a different story; I always watch Heat. But after my uncle and brother took me to the live Raw here in Charlotte at the end of June('99), I watch WWF every Monday, and  Thrusday, and with Thunder of Wednesday's and ECW on Friday's, I get to watch wrestling 6 out of 7 days each and every week. It don't get any better that that. 

To be perfectly honest, there are two reasons why I enjoy wretsling.  One is that these are amazing athletes. And they are athletes, no matter what anyone says. They are just great. Some of those high flying moves are awesome. Secondly, as a female(that's not a lesbian), you notice cute guys. And some wrestlers are just gorgeous. Great AND Gorgeous..who can ask for anything more?

Right then. Now, a few things before you get to the actual list. I was only going to do ten but it's hard b/c there were so many I had overlooked. So, I went with the top twenty five. Now, here are some other, more important, side notes you should know.

1) This list is subject to change in order whenever I see fit. Wretslers can change positions or disappear from the list whenever I feel like it.

2) Bret Hart has been my very favorite werstler for a long time. I still to this day, from when I first started watching when Bret was in WWF, way back in the eighties, and he always gave a kid his shades(how I always wished I was that kid) think he's adorable and an awesome wrestler and what happened to Owen was a shame b/c he too was a good man. But in my heart of hearts, Bret Hart is the true #1 wrestler, ever!

3) Don't agree with my list? Know of a wrestler who should be here? Then tell me who I've overlooked.

4) I'm working on getting pictures of the guys and I'll post 'em as soon as I get them all together.

My Top Twenty Five Wrestlers

1. Bret Hart
2. Steve Corino
3. Jeff Hardy
4. Shannon Moore
5. Christian
6. Johnny the Bull
7. Rhino
8. Shane Helms
9. Vampiro
10. Matt Hardy
11. David Flair
12. Edge
13. Kid Kash
14. Mark, the new guy on WCW from the power plant
15. Sean O'Hare, the other new guy from the power plant
16. Raven
17. Steve Richards
18. Kevin Nash
19. Goldberg
20. The Rock
21. Sting
22. Al Snow
23. Triple H
24. Crash Holly
25. Gangrel

pictures coming soon!