Sandra's Boy's

Why Sandra's Boy's? Well, why not? Sandra, who u may remember is the lovely lady who agve me all the pictures of the Bulls, esp. Garry(Thanks Sandra!!) and now she's sent me some new pictures...but these aren't they're Alabama Gunners. Sandra has been housing 2 of the players, Scott Chartrand and Steve Zinger..or is it Minger..well, I can't read Sandra's writing very well today but thats ok...heres some snaps of the 2 cuties, in no particular and very random order.


Thats Steve over there chatting w/ the linesman..former bull Rob Krause.

Steve during a face-off.


Scott would be the one right in the middle...nest to the player form the other team, without the big face shield on his helmet...the cute one, duh!

HAY!! Its Scott again! =)