I really really really love DP so I just had to give him a page of his own. Unfortunatley none of his pictures are of him with the Charlotte Checkers. There all of him in his Hartford Wolfpack colors. And I really can't decide where to put his link so I'm putting it on both pages. Anyways, I don't know what attracts me to Dale but he's a recent great and gorgous addition as I didn't like him when he first joined the Checkers b/c he had this really long hair and he looked like a cross between a gorilla and a woman but I've grown to love him for some reason(FYI:He cut his hair.) So heres to the one, the only, Dale Purinton.

I love it when hockey players fight. And I don't think I've yet to see Dale back down from a fight. Hes a very good player as well as fighter and I don't think hes lost a battle here in Charlotte yet.

Here it is.The sole reason why I have officially fallen under the spell cast off by Dale Purinton. I just like his defensemen style and stuff so I just had to put his adorable face on my list. He cut his hair(I love it!) and he has really groovy sideburns and a goatee(2 of my fave things). Go DP!!

Here is yet another reason I love Dale...tatoo's. Interesting tatoos to say the least but hey, he's great, gorgeous, what else could u need buit to snuggle in these arms? GRROWL!

This is DP from the beginning of the season...now do u see why I didn't initially like him?

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