Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, it is here...this years Stanley Cup parade photos. These pcis are all curtosey of the Detroit Free Prees which can be found at

The octupus and the fans. Thats how u know your in Hockey Town.

Sergei Fedorov....minus the russian blond bimbo that most women hate this year.

Chrsi Osgood is sooo groovy. And bringing his 'rents w/ him the paarde...very cool! His mom was even on sportscenter w/ him.

Okay, so Shanny wasn't necessarily at his best during the playoffs. But thats cool b/c hes still groovy and the chicks still dig him.
Steve Yzerman is like soooo CUTE! Stevie Y is one groovy captain and on top of that has captured the heart of many lady Red Wings fans all over the globe.
Gee, I wonder what this represents?!?!?

This parade wouldn't have been complete w/out Vladdie. The wings and the fans still believe.

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