Nicole   Award   Pictures!!

These are various pictures of some of the guys who won 
Nicole Awards. And don't let my captions mislead you...this
 is all in the name of fun and great and gorgeous hockey boys!

Heres Chris Osgood looking all good for the awards.
Ozzie took home:Hottest Detroit Red Wing, Hottest 
Stanley Cup Winner, Hottest Goalie in the West(tie),
and was up for THE Great and Gorgeous Hockey Boy of 
the year. Looks like Ozzie has some titles to be 
defending next year. I guess us ladies appreciate 
his skills and his looks.
Although Sergei has been behaving very badly(running around w/ 
a 16 year old...what is he thinking?), there are many women that
 still love him. Well DUH! How can u resist? Sergei won Hottest
Heres Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman, and Niklas 
Lidstrom. Stevie Y took cutest captain(and a close
 2nd tie for hottest stanley cup winner) and Nicklas 
Lidstrom stole best eyes.
Heres another picture of this years cutest captain 
and conn smythe winner.
Heres the reason Shanny won best goatee. Luv that goatee,
don't u? He looks like satans little helper or sumthing
 its so dark...dark and mysterious. Thats why girls like
 Brendan Shanahan! 
Darren McCarty....Hottest Right Wing in the west and 
a close 2nd tie for hottest stanley cup winner. I need 
something cool to drink w/ all these hotties!
Oh boy oh boy! Another Russian. This times itis cute
Slava Kozlov, winner of hottest left winger in the
 west. Kozzie was stunned to find out about his nomintion
 for this award and to be named the winner too! Detroit
 has been so blessed w/ great and gorgeous hockey boys.
 Don't u agree?

Matthew Barnaby... Wowee Zowee!! Matthew, winner of 
Best Smile and Hottest Right Wing in the East(tie). 
If his mom was proud of that hat trick on mumsies day,
 then she'll be even prouder that MB won these 2 
Nicole awards.
Mike Peca is the recipent of Hottest Candian. I wonder
 why....I think its that tall, dark, and handsome thing.
 Yet anotehr trophy for Mikes collection except this is 
the best one hes won yet!

Adam Deadmarsh...GRRRROWL!!! Deader won Hottest 
Colorado Avalanche, Bets Ears, and Hottest Dual Citizen.
 Hes also up fo THE greta dn Gogeous Hockey Boy of the 
Year. Did u know that Adam is the first player to have
 his name spelled wrong on the cup and have it fixed to
 be correct??? Well u can rest assured that I didn't 
misspell his name on any of his Nicole Awards.
Mikael Renberg is pretty cute. As Hottest Tampa 
Bay Lighting, he can take off his shirt whenever
 he wants to. How would u ilke to be the girl
 helping him out?
Aren't these 2 Bruin babies cute? Sergei took Hottest
 Boston Bruin by a landslide and Hottest Rookie. Joe
 with that blond hair, tied for Best Hair. Just think
 of it...they're gonna get older, better, and cuter.

Oh yeah, Janne Niinimaa...GRRROWL!! What can
 I say about him? There aren't words to describe
 but HELLA HOT! Heres a nice collectin of Janne 
pics for your viewing pleasure.
And fianlly Boris Mironov who tied for Hottest Russian. Ain't he cute?

Pavel and Valeri Bure...toatlly groovy, u know? Pavel
 and valeri won Hottest Brothers and Pavel tied for
 Hottest Vancuver Canucks amnd Valeri won Hottest
 Calgary Flames.
Anson carter is one of few black men in the NHL. 
Anson is a phenomenal player and pretty cute to boot.
 thats why hes Hottest african american NHLer.
Byron Dafe is one of groovy goaltender. 
A very good goalie if I do say so myself. 
Byron is the recipent of Hottest Englishmen(I
 wonder if he even talks w/ that english accent
 that people from England have)
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