So, your wondering how it is that I can not and am not a puck bunny. Well, its quite simple to explain really.

Its come to my understanding that a puck bunny is a female hockey fan who isn't truly a fan but a chickie who hangs out places where players are at and comes to games in hoochie clothes. I mean really, who wears a skirt, esp. a short one, to a hockey game? Not me. And low cut tops too. I mean, what true fan wants her boobs totally hangin out? Not me. Now, tank tops are the excpetion. I do wear those but only b/c this is the south and it gets hot down here before it does in the north. But I don't wear no slutty tanks.

Secondly, to be a puck bunny, you have to go where the players are at. Well, I don't have a car so I'm not doing that. I'm not going to bars<not old enough anyways> and I'm not following them home. I AM NOT A STALKER AND HAVE NO PLANS TO BE ONE!

Thirdly, to be a puck bunny, it requires you to talk to the players. I CAN NOT go up tp a player and talk to them. Its phsyically impossible for me to do that.

And finally, to be a puck bunny, you don't have knowledge fo the game and u don't understand it. I have knowledge of the game and i understand it.

So you see, I'm not a puck bunny. This site is intended for entertainment purposes. It's just for fun. Its a place where I can have some fun and others can enjoy it. Its a place to show off my favorite Guys fo Hockey. I'm just a girl of 17 w/ hormones. I love hockey to death! And the cute players are just a plus.