DEAN    MOORE!!!!!

Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean...DEAN MOORE!! Yes, I do adore this man. Acquired in the offseason from the Knoxville Cherokees(now the Pee Dee Pride)in 97, Dean has since been traded to the New Orleans Brass. As distraught as I was over this,I did get to meet Dean before he left at my sweet sixteen birthday party at a Checkers game and I got my picture with him. Thus is the life of a hockey fan. You never know whos gonna be playing next game in the ECHL. I was sad to see Dean go. Hes an a amazing guy. At age 21, he was partially paralyzed and 2 years later, he was out on the ice accomplishing a dream. The Charlotte Observer ran a great article on him and you can see it here(I'm not sure if this link will still work or not). The below pic is one of the pics that accompinaned(sp? oh well!) that article.

This is the infamous pic from my sweet sixteen party. Ain't Dean just a babe? Anyways, my boyfriend went and found Dean b/c he was injured and surprised me w/ him. He told dean that he was my fave checker and that it was my b-day and everything. Dean is just a total sweet pea.

This is Dean's pic from the program in Knoxville last seaosn. Ain't he just adorable?

Pic from checkers christmas party(standing is former NY Ranger, whos name is on the cup, Mike Hartman...pic from CCBC newsletter) and Dean's 97-98 checkers program pic. Those glasses make him sooo much more sexier.

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