These guys are all former checkers, playing here 1 or 2 diffrent seasons or so.

Chad Nelson is another defensemen that can't be resisted. I didnt see Chad until last seaosn when he was traded here from Wheeling for Kimbi daniels who I also adore. I figured I'd hate him b/c of how he got here and then I saw him. BAM! I love Chad. He started this seaosn here but got traded to the Louisiana Icegators a couple of months into the season. He was also a Checker during the 95-96 season b4 being traded that year as well.
The oh so cute Eric Naud.
Antti Laaksonnen...the cute little Finnish boy.
Mikhail Nemivorsky, the one who took Dean's # but still the cute Russian.

This is Evgeny Ryabchikov...1 of the 2 goalies of mine from the Checkers. He's Russian and oh so SEXY!
Stephane Souillere is just one of those guys whos caught my attention for some unknown reason. But hey, what can I say? I like a guy who can put the puck in the net and score...A LOT! Souls was traded to the New Orleans Brass during the 97-98 season.

Jason Kelly is a cutie little(ok, big) defensemen.

I don't know exactly why I like Kevin Rappana. Perhaps it was his physical presence on ice. Whatver the reason, he has a definite spot forever on "The List".

Jake Deadmarsh...thats right, this is Adam's brother and I must say that Jake is one hot specimen. Jake played for a few games in the 96-97 season before being traded but i still like him.

Kimbi me!

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