Well, I see you've made it to the minors. Yes, the leagues that are just below the NHL are home to many of the hottest guys in the coolest game. And these guys can play so look for them in the future to be playing along side some of the guys before mentioned in the NHL. Lets not waste any more time and get on with the show!

Hartford Wolfpack
AHL up and comers, mostly belonging to NYR
Charlotte Checkers
My personal faves of my hometown team (ECHL)
South Carolina Stingrays
Checkers rivals and my 2nd fave ECHL team
Birmingham Bulls
Sandra's Boy's
Alabama Gunners
Pee Dee Pride

GRRRROWL! Aren't these guys just too tasty? Well, I got this pic from one of Gwen's pages so I hope she doens't mind me sharing the good milk did these bodies. Got milk? They sure do b/c milk did those bodies GOOOOOD!!! BTW, the guys are from the South Carolina Stingrays of the ECHL.

SCS isn't the only team w/ babes in cute posters...this here is some of the Roankoe Express guys. Picture is from somewhere in Roanoke..whoever did this loevly picture gets all teh credit(just don't hate me(or sue me) for using it)

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