SURPRISE!!! This is part of my birthday present to my best friend Lindsay
Shinners. She turned sixteen on Feb.14th...otherwise known as Valentines Day. 
Anyways, since I know who Lindsay loves in the hockey world, I've created 
a page of those guys just because I felt like it. These gus are from 
the UHL, ECHL, AHL, and NHL. The lucky guys who have made their way into
Lindsay's heart are:
Mike Victor
Kade McCallister
David Brosseau
JF Aube
Francois Bouchard
Jamie Ram
Brian Loney
Chris Osgood
Janne Niinimaa
Dainus Zubrus
Alexandre Daigle
Chris Gratton 
These are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. Theres a coulpe 
more but I can't think of them. 
Below are links to guys already on this page. Lindsay's guys are 
pictured on this page.

Lindsay Choice Links

David Brosseau
Janne Niinimaa
Dainius Zubrus
Chris Gratton
Chris Osgood

                   Height: 5'11"  Weight: 175  Catches: Left 
                   Birthdate: 1/18/71  Hometown: Scarborough, ONT 
The last Jamie Ram pic comes from this page. Its an unofficial T-Blades page. Check it out!

Alexandre Daigle Position :Right Wing Height :6'0" Weight :202 Birth Date :02/07/75 Place of Birth :MONTREAL, PQ Currently Resides :Kanata, ON Team:Philadelphia Flyers(but Lindsay discovered him w/ the Ottawa Senators)
Click here to visit a Alexandre Daigle webpage, the source of this last picture

#9 Mike Victor
Pos: Forward
Height: 6-0                                
Weight: 170
DOB: 11/20/76
Born/Resides: Anchorage, AK
Team:BC Icemen(of Binghamton)
#25 JF Aube
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185
Born:Montreal, Quebec 
Team:Pensacola Icepilots(also a former Charlotte Checker which is
where Lindsay discovered him)


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