Ladies of Wrestling

I'm an equal oppurtunist and I think some of the valets/managers out there are pretty damn cool. Like Marlena for instance. I was the biggest Marlena fan. And some of those guys couldn't win without their chicks. And really, you know they are the real reason the guys tune in week after week. Here are the ladies my brother helped me pick.

Who You Won't See

There are two ladies that you will not see here. They are not featured here because I don't like them. And don't go giving me some jealousy complex BS either. I don't like these ladies because of who they play on TV and/or lawsuits they filed. The 2 ladies are Sable and Debra.

The Ladies

*as picked by my brother, in this order*

1) Ryan Shamrock

2) Gorgeous George

3) Torrie Wilson

4) Kimona

5) Sunny/Tammy Lynn Sytch

6) Beluah

7) Francine

8) Mrs. Yamaguchi-San

9) Miss Madness

10) Kimberley

11) Dawn Marie

12) Chasity

Special Ladies

*not valets/managers but still equally important to their respective shows*

The Ho's

Nitro Girls

Nicole's Favorite's

*it's not that I'm a lesbian or anything. But if you watch enough, you come to like the valets/managers. And these two are my favorites of the bunch.*

Miss Elizabeth

Terri Runnels/Marlena