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When I think about the Checkers, I can NEVER forget Eric Boulton...however, Eric was traded during the offseaosn beofr the 98-99 seaosn and was sent to the Florida Everblades. While there, he went up to the AHL Kentucky Thouroghblades and signed a contract there and played there for most of the season. Eric is my absolute FAVORITE player though and I will continue to be a true blue, diehard, the #1 Eric Boulton fan no matter where he plays b/c I follow his career wherever it takes him.
This is the article that appeared in the Charlotte Observer announcing Eric being traded. It was a very sad and dark day for me. =(

There are no words to describe EB. Hes great and gorgeous...willing to drop the gloves to whoever beckons in a fight. He didn't even play a full season w/ the Checkers in 96-97 and he still managed to surpass the single season PIM record w/ 325 minutes in 30 some odd games. Hes every womans fantasy least in my opinon. Luv to have him be my man. ;)

The above pic was autographed for me by (my)Eric...and it is of particluar fondness to has a littl' story behind it as well...Eric went up to the IHL at the very end of Dec. '97 for 25 games w/ the K-Wings...that meant he would be gone until about Febuary or March. So, I wrote Eric a littl' letter and sent it to him and enclose a SASE and a picture that I asked him to sign...well, Eric returned earlier than expected but I had never gotten my picture I got my other copy of the pic signed(he simply signed that one To Nicole: Eric Boulton #11). Then, one day in March, an envelope(which to this day is glued into my scrapbbok),was in my I opended it up b/c I didn't recognize the handwriting and their was no return imagine my surprise when there was my signed Eric Boulton picture...I startted screaming right outside in my front yard. I got to thank EB in person for sending my pic back as well.
This is Eric(foreground) and Bill McCauley(background).
COMING THIS SUMMER!!! New pictures of Eric. 2-4 scanned card images and lots of great pics from a Kentucky Thoroughblades fan site(link coming soon).

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