REAL NAME: Jason Reso

BORN: November 30, 1973 in Kitchener, Ontario

Height/Weight: 6'1", 227 pounds

ALIASES/NICKNAMES: Christian Cage, The Suicide Blonde, The Canadian Rage

Title(s) Held: Light Heavyweight

(bio courtesy of Slam! Sports)

For the best pic of Jason on the net, click here. Because of copyright restrictions, you aren't allowed to ahve this pic on your webpage so I have to link u to it instead.

What's a page without a gratious butt shot? There's no denying it..the man has a nice butt. ;)

Bestill my beating heart.

In my mind, I hear the grrowling. Do you? Oh no wait...I think that's me. =)

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Awwwww! =)

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