Ladies    Choice!

'Cos this is Ladies Choice! Thats right its finally here. The ladies choice page. Heres where I've put pages dedicated to the guys other ladies love. Because of the high demand and the high numbetr of emails I recived, I've had to take down the form to email me until I get all the other guys up. So give me time...I promise that the dudes u ladies want to see will be up.

Whos up next???

I bet your wondering what guys are scheduled
 to come up on this page. Well, below is a list of
 the players who will soon be appearing on this
 page(they'll appear in th order below).

Bryan McCabe
Teemu Selanne
Paul Kariya
Mats Sundin
Mike Richter
Rob Niedermayer

More coming after thse 6.

Ladies Choice Links

Lindsay's Choices
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Cheryl ,Anna, Emma, Kellyann, Kristen, Suzanne, Christy, and Roanne's Choice
Niklas Sundstrom

Nicole Awards

If your wondering where to go to vote, don't. Votings over and the winners are up. If u haven't seen it, go back to the mainpage, and click the 2nd annual Nicole Awards link.

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