David Brosseau

David Brosseau is a very important person to my life...except he doesn't know that. U see David brought me and my best friend Lindsay together. David spent a brief period of time w/ the Binghamton Rangers during the 96-97 season and Lindsay posted a message on a message board and I emailed her and we got to talking and stuff and we credit David w/ our entire friendship. Now even though your probably thinking yeah right, I'm dead serious. Had David never went to Binghamton that season, I probably never would've met Lindsay b/c she never would fallen for David and never would've asked about him and I never would've been able to answer her questions. So thank God for David Brosseau.

Now, why do Lindsay and I, but especially Lindsay, like David? HELLO! Like u need me to tell you...just look at this tasty eye candy. Can we say hottie hot? Plus David is a great player...he can score like hella mad and now hes even stepped up into a more physical game that we can all appreciate. And to top it off, hes french-canadian and that means accent and women just love men w/ accents...esp. the french one. In October, I got to meet David (and 2 other checkers) and interview them for an article I wrote for my school newsparer. To read the article, go here. David was really nice snd quite funny too. Besides, every time I turn around I've got an email from some female fan of some ECHL team saying that #21 Brosseau is a megs babe...his appeal is league wide.


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Email Nicole or email Lindsay and ask her why she likes David or if shes gonna put 21 or 10 on her checkers jersey(that i gave her for christmas) when she personalizes it. I vote 21 since hes worn that for 2 seasons now.